When your eyes cross Eidos, she calls you. .
Intriguing, artistic and modern at the same time. We take out his smartphone, and soon we immortalize this palette of colors!

Yes, the red and white Eidos vintages came into being in 2006 (Red) and 2008 (White). 

A local artist has been able to interpret the birth of these wines.

He’s a friend of our castle and love Eidos wine. So he realised this printing in 2005. First for Eidos Red and than for Eidos White en 2008. 

The artist prefers to remain anonyme.  
But by the way, why Eidos?
“Eidos” is Greek and philosophical! 
Are these wines inspired by Greek philosophers? 
But no, Eidos is just an idea according to Platon. (εἶδος in ancient Greek). 

An idea, a wine and a path between dream and reality …
A winemaker always imagines making a wine that looks like him. A wine he will celebrate the birth as the birth of his child and especially a wine to share with friends and families.
From idea to realization, from imagination to work in the vineyard, from the dream to the emotion felt at the opening of the bottle …

So you can discover this printing with a head, eyes, ideas (Eidos ) ans a hit of grapes…

On their own, Eidos red and white garner the most prestigious awards at national and international level. 
And now a lot of Michelin Restaurants with stars serve theses wines in our region.