The Castle

We take good care of our vineyards

Concerned about the quality of our grapes and respect for the environment, we have undertaken a sustainable farming that promotes soil life and expression of terroir.
To ensure the quality of our wines, berry picking is always very good maturity .

Vinifications :

Harvest takes place during the evening or early dawn which enables us to pick the grapes at a cool temperature. The grapes are de-stemmed, crushed and chilled at 7-8°C.

For white wines :

The crop which is chilled at 7-8°C is then taken to the wine press. The must is let to settle during 48 hours then fermented at 14 to 16°C. Approximately 15% of this juice is vinified in oak casks during 6 months stirring regularly. The rest of the juice which is vinified in vats is stirred in their fine lees during 6 months.

For red wines :

Grapes that have been chilled at 7-8°C are put into vats and go through a pre-fermentation maceration during 8-10 days which  is vinified in vats is stirred in their fine lees during 6 months.

Ageing red wines :

Having the ability to host up to 600 barrels, our cellar is the ideal place to raise the high quality wines. Our goal is to provide the dominant fruit.

Where is our domaine ?

Our domaine is situated on the north end of the Appellation “Corbières“, in the Aude county, 5 km from Lézignan- Corbières.
Nestled in a green setting surrounded by maritime essences, this impressive chateau which had already been mentioned in topographical layouts of 1770 and refurbished several times, offers a unique character.

Château La Bastide is ranked first in numerous tastings including: USA, Canada, England , Benelux, Germany, Japan, China and other countries where 100 % of the area of ​​production is exported.

Terroir or Soil :

SCEA Château la Bastide has 180 Ha with 60 Ha in the “Appellation d’Origine Protégée Corbières” and “Indication Géographique Protégée Aude Hauterive” area. The soil is rich with limestone – slate terraces from the quaternary period with large gravel from alluvial origin.

Vineyards :

Our priority, for several decades now, has been to re-plant varieties with quality grape varieties. Convinced that the quality of wine starts in the vineyard we have favoured hight density planting (from 4500 to 5500 feet / ha). This allows for high trellising and leaf ensuring good exposure and excellent ventilation of the berries.